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Custom-built Computers:

We will Custom build computers for you, to your requirements or wishes.*

Custom-built computers tend to run longer and can be upgraded more often then pre-built systems. They also tend to help keep your overall repair costs and upgrading cost down. The reasons for this is that individual components can be replaced if it goes bad, and many times when upgrading we can move these components in to your new upgraded system; thus saving you money. Most of our systems and components come with a 3 year vendor warranty**   

Pre-built Computers:

Pre-built computers are supplied to us from or vendor. The warranties on pre-built systems vary from 1 year to 3 years. For the most part these systems are not upgradable. They are mostly propriety systems. ** 

Maintenance, Repair:

We will do Cleaning, and other maintenance services, and Repair of your PC computers.*

Installation Services:

We will gladly install software of your choosing on your computer, and come to your location and set up your computer, making sure it is working correctly for you. We can also assist you in setting up Internet security, to protect your system. We also provide some software support.*

We also provide basic one on one training on the use of your computer and it's software.*

Small networking set-up and maintenance:

We can come to your location and set-up or assist you in the setup and wiring (if needed) of your small network. We can also assist you or can install network security devices to help protect your network.

* so long as the products and software for what the customer asks for are available and will work together and or do not violate any US Laws or International Laws.

** some items have shorter warranties and most are noted. however we can not be held responsible for vendor not advising us of the shorter time or their honoring the warranties.  No Software warranties.

*** Customer agrees pay all travel expenses (Hotel, and Airfare or mileage) for travel outside Denver Metro area in advance. (meals are to be supplied by the customer).***